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Several ways to transfer money at this present time


Today in this busy pace of life no one has time to go to bank daily for transferring money from their account to another, or in there own account as well. But people wanted to save the money as well like in any bank account or any account from where they can use that money wisely and at any time. There is not a single way to transfer money, except bank you have many ways which I will define in the whole article, tuned with me and read the article carefully.


Actually, today a person thinks that he/she has 24 hours per day but they think that is too less in this challenging society. Everyone wants to spend their single minute wisely, no one wants to waste their time in any way.

Today, one of the best method which is accepted by people is Internet banking including NEFT, RTGS, UPI etc. all these are used to make Online fund transfers. People didn’t know about such things but after demonetization digital transactions suddenly increase as they have several methods for transactions. Apart from this, even they have plethora of options but they have to choose the better one, which can work properly and fast as compare to others.


The NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) is one of the most commonly method for doing transaction from one bank account to another. This system is only done in batches like at present, there are 12 settlements between 8am and 7pm on weekdays and six settlements between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. You can transfer the account, how much you want. Furthermore, SBI has there own limit of 10Lakh.

2nd option is Paytm which is also used Online and now is in trend. It is also a very cool App for all Online users. It works very simply, all the options are very easy as it is very simple to use. You should have a login account to use it of Paytm and to another person to whom you are sending payment. In this app, you can send from Rs1 to as per your limit. All the bills can be pay with the help of it as well as you can do bookings with it as well as any recharge. One of the best App for small to small and big to bug payment as per the limit but.


3rd option is Paynear one which is also use for Online payments. They promise to do secure transactions with on time. It is used for all types of businesses. At this present time Thousands of merchants are already experiencing the benefits of Paynear ONE. From small & medium businesses to large enterprises and even neighborhood stores.

paynear one

Last option is Paypal, it is the best option to get payment and transactions from one country to another country and in the same country as well.


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