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Stunning effects of Firecrackers on Diwali festival

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Actually, Diwali is a festival of lights but some of the people take it seriously ya they should take it seriously but they took in another way like many people who celebrate Diwali while drinking wine which is the bad thing because Diwali is celebrated with sweets. As my point of view, sweets are the best gift and to make everyone sweetest and we can give a sweet smile on everyone’s face.

Nowadays people are celebrating their Diwali with firing crackers but it is one of the worst methods. As it harms our environment to a great extent and it leaves garbage behind as well. It is not just spreading air pollution even noise pollution as well.

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When people will understand it that they are not saving their future generation in this way.

I have a solution for it i.e. if we grow more trees after or before Diwali then you can save your environment for a long time. One more interesting thing is here that you can firecrackers on Diwali as well but in a limited option.

You can play games on Diwali while firecrackers, distribute sweets in your family, neighbors as well. You can give surprises and gifts to your loved ones as well. Chocolates are the best idea for you all because everyone likes it like mother, father, brother, sister, Girlfriend, Boyfriend etc.


So share your views that how can we stop pollution because we are not going to stop firecrackers in any way. I think you very well know that in Delhi, Supreme Court has banned firecrackers and  I think it is an excellent step towards keeping a safe environment. So help to save the environment, grow more and more trees everywhere.

I know it is not easy that we don’t have to firecrackers on Diwali. Diwali is a festival of crackers it is our saying but we also know that pollution is eating our earth’s root. We wait the whole year for this festival just to stay happy and stay connected with our friends in every situation and for enjoying. You can have new ideas this time like to distribute sweets at that time when you used to firecrackers in the evening hand to hand to all you society members, family and neighbors as well. No doubt it will be a great fun and a new experience.

Noise is not just a way of celebrating Diwali it harms to a lot to our body, ears, and eyes the most. Okay, if you do not want to think about yourself then think about your next generation means your kids!

Would you like to give them any disease with your own hands? it’s up to you.

Share and give your views 🙂

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