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How Online shopping is different from offline shopping?

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If talk about trend than Online shopping is being loved by people everywhere nowadays. Many reasons are there behind it, not one. People want comfort, time-saving and the things with which they can get benefits etc.

Online shopping saves time, better comfort means if you are seating anywhere or traveling anywhere then at that time as well you can do shopping online. On the other hand, if you are going to shop via Offline than you should have time for choosing like go to the shop or any mall from where you can get better stuff for yourself. But if wanna talk about quality and dressing change than offline is great where you can check after wearing at the same time and can get your comfortable clothes, shoes, or anything which you wanna shop.


Furthermore, if you are choosing online then you will have to wait for some days that the time which is given by the E-commerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and all after that delivery is done but sometimes the situation comes for example you have to wear any dress on any occasion but that piece of dress cam on the exact time of the occasion but a problem arises incidentally like that piece of dress is defected or having problem in wearing like in size than you will return it and your occasion will become bad due to such problems.

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Moreover, on the offline shopping, you can choose the dress, check it and then can wear as well as a trial. It is also a better idea if you have any urgent occasion.

Both have some cons and pros and both have its own value as my point of view. But at this time Online shopping is in trend, people like to shop via online just to save time as time is very precious for us in this challenging era. One more thing I would like to mention here that people who have their offline works like shops or industries are making websites and working online. Those shopkeepers are also offering their stuff online like other e-commerce platforms as well as they are offering home delivery that is free but.

This type of new trending things is making the less effort work of everyone. Furthermore, online payments are also done due to the Internet which was not possible before sometime. At that time firstly you had to go to the bank, get money and had to add to the concern person’s account but at this time you just have a smartphone and internet connection and you can do any amount of money in just some seconds which save your time and his time to whom you are sending and that money you get in your account in the next few minutes. The Internet is a platform of vast knowledge so it is up to you that how you are using it.

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