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Internet, Social Media and today’s youth

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The Internet is like God for everyone at this time, not for a single reason, the plethora of reasons are there which I will discuss with you in this article further.

Today more than 85% people are working online like via the Internet. At this time it is providing business to 80% people in the world, even in India people are using it and earning lots of profit and even they are opening companies and making the plethora of companies in their society and making a very good amount of money.


Social Media is a platform in which you can boost a bad or good thing because the traffic on social media is present to a large extent. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so many others are there and not even for entertainment, you can have some professional platform like Linkedin etc where you can search all types of professional for any business.

If talk about youth, then I will be wrong if I will predict something wrong because youth is loving the Internet and Social media and they accept in all the way like in business, study and in everything. Furthermore, not for entertainment and earning you can make new friends and new contacts which can help you in everything. You can deal face to face with the help of Skype. I have a very example of this hope you will like it.

If you have to coordinate while sitting in the office to your person who is in field work like in Telecom sometimes you have to coordinate with your field workers and have to make them understand like about work or anything it can be. So Skype is the best method for this as my point of view. Actually, it is very simple to use and that’s why people are using it for many purposes.

Social media is helping a lot to this youth at this time, many people who don’t have friends, they can make friends here with their own choice and can get a better environment as per their interests as well. At this time the children of 10-12 are using smartphones and use the internet and active on social media like FB, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc. and making their followers as well as upload their own personal story and make their friends online.

One of the interesting thing I like here is that you can learn more and can get the knowledge as per your interest. On the other hand, you can improve your business and can get online clients which can help your business to a great extent.

The Internet is not new but it is making our life very comfortable and easy as well Hope you will like this article or if have any views or you wanna tell something related to this then hit comment.

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