Simple ways to motivate yourself and change your life in happiness


Everyone has a person in their life who is always with you, in your need, in your problems, in your alone time, the person whom you think motivates you. That person can be your Family, Lover, friend or anyone.

Do you know why it happens? just because of your 100% trust on that person, you love that person, you like to listen to him/her, you don’t want to lose that person. Actually, an internal feel comes that a person whom you believing will not even think about your bad.

Let me explain a very small thing to you, no one motivates another person, your motivation is just your own hard work, patience, happiness, the environment around you and mainly your way of thinking like your thoughts. Everything depends on your mood, how you react, how you behave with people, your way of interaction represents you more.

Here are some ways which you can try for yourself.

Start Keeping Diary:

One of the best option to know about your weakness. Start writing a diary and write all the things which you do in your daily life, the things which harass you a lot. Start giving 10 minutes to yourself in which you just have to think about yourself and in those 10 minutes thinking about the mistakes which you do in your daily life.


Diary helps us in many ways like for memories, tells us our past and many other things which you do daily. Don’t feel shame in writing about your life, it’s yours just yours. Write all the ups and downs which you face in your daily life. After some time you will surely see a change in yourself and be improving the mistake.

Listening Music:

Listening music is also the best way to get rid of your all problems. Actually, music is a part of our lives, it gives us energy and a way to live life as well if you are sad. Everyone has their own choice that which type of music they like.


Music helps us in many things like in enhancing running performance, removes stress and improves health, it helps you in getting better sleep, Music reduces depression, Music elevates your mood while driving, it reduces pain as well, it keeps your brain healthy in old age too.

Don’t let fear stop you:

Daily many things happen in our life and some leaves the negative impact on us and stop us from doing work. We get rejected for that work. Make that fear your power and do it again and again, until unless that work is not completed.


Start Marking your goals date on the Calendar:

If you have made any of the goals and have the boundation of time but you are confused about dividing work then start marking dates on the calendar. It will really help you a lot for your goals. Start making plans for the whole month and divide the days for the work, one of the best methods to manage your work.


Hope this article will help you, if yes then let us know in the comment section. If have any query then you can contact us as well.

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